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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics February 27, 2013
  Feb 27, 2013

Question #1
Which political party in British Columbia from the response choices offered, do you most support?
BC New Democrats    46 %
BC Liberals    30.5 %
BC Conservatives    12.5 %
BC Greens    11 %
Undecided    5.5 %
Question #2
How strong is your support for the party you selected in the previous question if 10 is extremely strong support and 5 is luke warm support? (does not include undecided from Q#1)(listed from most to least)(#'s round to nearest .5).
BC New Democrats    80 %
BC Conservatives    80 %
BC Greens    80 %
BC Liberals    70 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #3
How certain are you right now that you will vote in the May 2013 provincial general election?
Very Certain    54 %
Certain    21 %
Fairly Certain    19 %
Uncertain    6 %
Question #4
Do you support the $250 million cuts to BC health care in the government budget?
Yes    19 %
No    70 %
Question #5
Do you support raising MSP (Medical Service Plan) premiums fees on all eligible British Columbians?
Yes    31 %
No    53 %
Question #6
Do you support the BC Liberal plan to sell off $800 million in BC assets to balance their budget?
Yes    20 %
No    62 %
Question #7
Is it your opinion today that the promotion and sale of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) by the Government of British Columbia is integral to the long term success of the provincial economy and environment?
Yes    33.5 %
No    54 %
The BC Liberal rock is rolling and gathering moss on a slow downward slide from its former high of 34%. This ROBBINS survey generally affirms numbers from Angus Reid which preceded this and strongly suggests that the BC Liberals may be headed to political oblivion to an extent not seen since 2001.
The Opposition BC NDP have blue sky and our cleared for take off - likely to the highest number of seats in either its history of their predecessors the CCF.
The BC Conservatives have increased their support by 25% from previous lows but are a long way off from the mid 20% support they once enjoyed.
The BC Greens continue to attract double digit support and are no longer a threat to the BC New Democrats in any way, shape or form, but do take votes from the BC Liberals whose voter base is being cannibalized quickly.
The number one seed the BC New Democrats attract the following support: 53% (Vancouver Island), 46% (Vancouver City), 46% (Suburban ridings), 37% (Fraser Valley), 40% (Southern Interior), and 44% (Northern Interior).
Number two seed BC Liberals attract the following support: 26% (Vancouver Island), 34% (Vancouver city), 31.5% (Suburban ridings), 30% (Fraser Valley), 31% (Southern Interior), 28% (Northern Interior).
Number 3 seed are the BC Conservatives attracting 9% (Vancouver Island), 8% (Vancouver City), 11% (Suburban ridings), 22% (Fraser Valley), 18% (Southern Interior), 16% (Northern Interior)
Number 4 seed BC Greens attract 11% (Vancouver Island), 11% (Vancouver City), 11% (Suburban ridings), 11% (Fraser Valley), 12% (Southern Interior, 11% (Northern Interior).
The BC NDP, Conservatives, and Greens all score around 8 out of 10 on level of support with the BC Liberals behind them at 7. One in two 2009 voters are very certain they will vote in the upcoming election, while 40% are either certain or fairly certain. Some BC Liberal supporters would not respond to these level of support or even voter questions which in conjunction which suggests that the BC Liberal vote may be soft even at 30%.
Barely one if five British Columbians support the BC Liberal government cuts to health care while about double of that total supports a raise in MSP premiums. Barely one in four respondents, supports selling off assets, and an estimated 40% supports the notion that "liquified natural gas is integral to the long term security of the provincial economy and the environment.
This is a provincial survey of 1013 respondents who comprise private lists of 2009 voters from the BC provincial election. This list has changed since 2009 with some persons once on the list no longer available. This survey covers February 13-24, 2013 and features a margin of error of 3.08%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. This survey is sponsored in part by Jim Van Rassel, New Trend Optical and the newly minted My Vote is 2 precious to waste on U - in BC politics a self explanatory effort we think.

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