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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics March 17, 2013
  Mar 17, 2013

The reference to pollster Glen P. Robbins as the Pope of Public Opinion is not just a cheeky display by the World's most accurate pollster.
Yes - it obviously connects to the recent election of Roman Catholic Pope Francis I of Argentina --- and by inference the efforts of Glen P. Robbins to simply and accurately explain how it was that he was able to predict the President Obama November 2012 within basis points weeks ahead of time - by utilizing the ethnic and gender elements of Caucasian, African American and Latino American - as well as other classifications of voters----
AND within these classification of US voters the emerging relevance of Latino American voters - who ultimately put President Obama over the top - as ROBBINS predicted would happen - without a billion dollars of advertising - PAC $$ - hard soft and in between donations ---
The identification of the Latino voter and the influence on the new American revolution of voters - and consideration of the factor of nearly 90 million US Catholic voters - tens of millions of Mexican and Latin American voters--and 500 million Catholics resident in South America - the home of the new Roman Catholic Pope Francis I-----
and the consideration of the ROBBINS likely frontrunners to win the next Republican nomination for 2016 -Marco Rubio (Catholic) Jeb Bush (Catholic) and Rick Santorum (Catholic)---and the future focus on the the poor - the have nots - as well as the poor in spirit - all combine to reflect that a changing world is coming - and its positive change. Who of these can promote peace and a desire to protect the earth - above the promotion of war and death. Don't take our word for it --ask Ruder Josip Boskovic - a great man for all ages.

Question #1
Which political party in BC do you support right now?
BC New Democrats    50 %
BC Liberals    25.5 %
BC Conservatives    12.5 %
BC Greens    10.5 %
Undecided    6 %
I am unlikely to vote in the next election    7.5 %
Question #2
Following the next provincial election this May would you support the government spending $30 million in order to fund an inquiry into the entire BC Rail matter including the $6 million forgivable loan provided to the convicted ‘guilty’ parties Basi and Virk for their legal fees?
Yes    59.5 %
No    39.5 %
Question #3
Do you perceive a political connection and historical cooperation between the Harper government of Canada and the BC Liberal party under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark?
Yes    66 %
No    19 %
Question #4
To BC Liberal supporters in question 1- In your opinion would the BC Liberals have a better or worse chance of electoral success under Christy Clark?
Better    39 %
Worse    54 %
This end of March ROBBINS survey with less than months to go before the next provincial general election reveals that the BC NDP are heading toward an electoral victory on May 14, 2013 of similar magnitude to the win of the BC Liberals in 2001 where the BC Liberals won 77 seats to the BC NDP 2 seats. Based on this survey the BC Liberals will be thrown out of office lock, stock and barrel.
Of the 85 seats up for grabs the BC NDP will win 70-75 of them. ROBBINS senior advisors are predicting BC Liberal seats from zero to fifteen (0-15) based on the intelligence provided by ROBBINS – “The most accurate public opinion pollster in the World ©.”
The BC New Democrats attract more 2009 voter support than all other parties combined. In 2009 the BC Liberals won 46% and the NDP 42%. Nearly four years later the BC Liberals have lost (20%) of 2009 voter support and (44%) of party support while the BC NDP have gained (8%) of 2009 voter support and are (20%) over and above their 2009 party totals.
One half of the support lost by the BC Liberals has gone to the BC Conservatives, while the majority of the remainder has gone to the BC NDP and the balance to the BC Greens.
Centre right parties attract just less than (40%) of all 2009 BC voters in this ROBBINS survey. They attracted nearly one in two voters in 2009. Centre left parties attract (60%) of BC voters while they attracted nearly one in two in 2009. The BC ‘swing voters’ are moving centre left in the province and away from Free Enterprise parties who are no longer seen by the public as qualified stewards of the public purse they consistently claim to be, and who are perceived to be ‘better at handing out tax dollars to their friends’ then ‘allocating them to services to the public’.
(51%) of the 30-40 aged respondents comprising (25%) are backing the BC NDP in this ROBBINS survey, while (53.5%) of respondents aged (40-50) comprising (32%) of total and (43%) of respondents aged (50-60) comprising (26%) of total are supporting BC New Democrats in this election. (62%) of respondents who indicated they were unlikely to vote are over the age of 50.
A clear majority of BC voters are willing to spend $30 million dollars for an inquiry into the BC Rail debacle and the $6 million payout for legal fees to criminally convicted BC public servants Basi and Virk. (60.0%) of decided respondents agree with an inquiry into BC Rail. (81%) of BC NDP supporters in question 1 support the expenditure on the inquiry. (78%) of BC Conservatives, (48%) of BC Greens and even (23%) of BC Liberal supporters support the inquiry. A majority of respondents who are undecided (54%) or who declared their present intention not to vote in the May provincial election (52%) also want an inquiry into the BC Rail scandal.
(Court of Appeal Justice Tysoe is the best choice to conduct the BC Rail inquiry—when he is finished permit one of the finest Justices in the country to finish what he began with his 1999 work on The Workers Compensation Board of BC and was subsequently (and horribly) compromised by the BC Liberal government in 2002 and which in our view constitutes an indecent act against injured workers in the province---pay him a lot of money – Justice Tysoe is one justice for sure who is worth every penny.)
Nearly (80%) of BC voters a considerable majority perceive a historical connection including political cooperation between the BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark and the Harper Conservative government. If the political axiom which states the friend of my enemy is also my enemy prevails upon the BC NDP after it’s huge electoral victory in May, then leader Adrian Dix will be in a position to tell Prime Minister Harper to pound salt, pound sand through a rat hole etc., at every turn as he will be commencing his leadership in governing a huge majority in a veritable sea of orange and green engulfing the BC Legislature, while Stephen Harper will be 2 years into a 4 year term with the public against him in BC primarily over his obvious Enbridge bias - and other political announcements such as the killing of the Coast Guard at Vancouver—sufficient to have created a significant groundswell to potentially cause the gradual decimation of support for his federal government in British Columbia over the next two years.
US President Obama fresh off his November 2012 electoral victory – predicted by ROBBINS within basis points – unheard of accuracy in polling – ever - will be into the beginning of his second 4 year term while Harper rounds the calendar corner into a federal election which appears likely to remove his majority and may even push him out of the office of Prime Minister, as support in Canada’s most populous province Ontario fades, support in Quebec – Canada’s 2nd largest province dissipates through the presence of NDP Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair and the emergence of charismatic leader Justin Trudeau to the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada – a party which has dominated electoral wins in Canadian history--- and support in BC – Canada’s 3rd largest province is facing potential collapse and no oil deal for him at either Keystone or Enbridge.
Knowing this, and prior to the next rounds of significant elections in the United States, the US administration can squeeze tight the Harper federal government and his friends in the oil business in Calgary Alberta over price on Keystone while it withholds and delays approval – increasing the lustre of President Obama’s progressive image abroad at the expense of Canada’s worldwide (reputation at the hands of Stephen Harper increasing seen across urban centres in the country as retrogressive.
Look for President Obama to thump the Harper government politically and economically as the Harper government’s position quickly wanes. Watch also for the centralized communication of Canadian media to attempt to prop up the Harper government with positive media (aka Canadiana ‘folksy corn’) - in the hope that this will help the Harper negotiations with the US. In BC – the main media including broadcasters with corporate ownership from Calgary, Alberta and others from Canada’s financial district in Toronto Ontario doing business in BC – will be hard pressed to influence the super majority of Adrian Dix and the BC NDP---the Canadian cousins to the Democrats in the United States---who will be able to ignore them – and take the opportunity to truly look after the citizens of the province.
It is evident that if the Alberta oil companies were counting on their friend Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his hockey wife (and quickly dying) BC Liberal leader Christy Clark (see hockey area snuggly photo ops) to push through their pipeline this isn’t going to prove successful. To date is has been an unequivocal failure. Prime Minister Harper is expected to implement automaton - plan ‘B’ and use the Ontario and Alberta representatives who control the Enbridge hearings to rubber stamp the pipeline proposal and attempt to force the deal down British Columbians throats which will (a) prove unsuccessful and (b) secure BC’s position in the STOP HARPER campaign initiated by political advocate and former Conservative Jim Van Rassel.
Stephen Harper’s political wife in BC Christy Clark (nicknamed “Crusty” after Crusty the Clown on the Simpsons cartoon show) has long been pronounced comatose by independent broadcasters – with more evidence of this in our final question of this ROBBINS survey. (55%) of BC Liberal supporters from question 1 are of the opinion that Christy Clark will be worse for the party’s electoral chances.
Christy Clark’s own supporters want her to go – we only asked BC Liberals – because other party supporters want her stay on as premier – I wonder why?
A targeted survey of 1,275 BC voters from ROBBINS Lists -- conducted March 12-16, 2013 - featuring a Margin of Error (MOE) of 2.74% plus or minus 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. Outcomes are consistent with mean and median averages through intervals. This is a private public opinion polls from ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - "The Most Accurate Public Opinion Pollster in the World."

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