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The Rolling Stones, EAGLES (America's Band), Led Zeppelin-Canadian philosopher Kellie K. Robbins (child poverty) Mr. Trudeau meet Mr. Dix
My personal rock n roll prayer - thanks to Bruce Springsteen - Long Walk Home  May 13, 2013

Question #1
Would you be excited to attend one of two concerts of the Eagles – American Rock n Roll Band at Rogers arena on September 6th or 7th, 2013 at an average price of $100 per ticket?
Yes    40 %
No    51 %
Question #2
Do you support the claim by many - that the Rolling Stones are the greatest Rock n Roll Band of all time?
Yes    49.5 %
No    47 %
Question #3
Would you be willing to pay $1,000 per ticket to attend a live performance of rock band Led Zeppelin?
Yes    28 %
No    51 %
Question #4
Canadian philosopher and labour rights advocate Kellie K. Robbins asserts that Rock n Roll music is the most important ‘spiritual experience’ of the past 50 years in North America. Do you agree
Yes    52 %
Question #5
British Columbia possesses one of the highest child poverty rates in the country and in North America. Is this acceptable to you?
No    91 %
Question #6
Would you like to see Justin Trudeau replace Stephen Harper as Canada’s Prime Minister?
Yes    45 %
No    25 %
In our ROBBINS question 1 the Eagles – America’s Rock n Roll Band attracts the interest of an estimated 130,000 people residing in the Greater Vancouver region (only) for their two concerts set for September 6th and 7th, 2013 at Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Interested persons by gender are split – with (52%) male and (48%) female respondents indicating they are interested in tickets at $100 each. How long will it take to sell out both of these shows? Ticket demand for this outstanding live band – may bring overall ticket and other sales total to $12,000,000 from Vancouver alone.
In our question 2 – about one in 2 respondents are willing to accept the claim that the Rolling Stones are the greatest Rock n Roll Band of all time – with an estimated 160,000 people residing in the Greater Vancouver region in support. The Rolling Stones are touring but haven’t indicated whether or not Vancouver will be placed on their schedule. The Stones selling out a Rock n Roll Mecca like Vancouver (fast) is a cinch. Overall ticket and other sales should exceed $24,000,000.
In question 3 we discover that rock legends Led Zeppelin could earn upwards of $70,000,000 in ticket sales and other with a concert in a venue like BC Place. Rumours have been constant – about a Zeppelin reunion – including speculation that sponsors are willing to put up $1 billion dollars to put them on the road. Rock n Roll would never forget that (eh?). This ROBBINS poll high ticket price for Led Zeppelin including some respondents who answered “No” on the basis that they did not believe the tour would ever take place-is breathtaking. How many people would pay this price to meet the new Pope?
Canadian philosopher Kellie K. Robbins has captured Rock n Roll’s impact on the last 50 years in North America as “the most important ‘spiritual experience’ of the past 50 years.” A significant majority of ROBBINS respondents-support this controversial assertion-from one of the original founders of the Morgan Centre for Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University – home of Justin Trudeau’s mother – Mrs. Sinclair.
No one accepts child poverty – a handful may rationale it – but no one accepts it—because it’s wrong. It exists as a consequence of the poverty of the spirit of man—and myths of distraction perpetuated by some economists and other purveyors of equivalent voodoo. Canada’s aboriginal ‘children’ remain for the most part in economic squalor – evidence of our countries historical apartheid
Rock n Rollers are overwhelming supporters of Justin Trudeau for Canada’s Prime Minister over Stephen Harper. Pierre Elliott Trudeau – former Canadian Prime Minister during Rock n Roll’s boom period in the 60’s and 70’s – was Canada’s first ‘world class’ Rock n Roll star.
This is a poll of 820 Greater Vancouver residents who assert that Rock n Roll’ is their favourite type of music. These respondents represent a net (32%) of all respondents who first indicated they “love some type of music and music is very important to their daily lives”. These respondents then also agreed that Rock n Roll music was “uplifting and motivational to them.” 3 not 5 conditions. No Margin of Error is provided. Thanks to Jim Van Rassel and Company for his continued assistance.

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