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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics September 6, 2013
  Sep 06, 2013

This is ROBBINS Sce Research Official Referendum Survey of 1,013 BC voters from the May 2013 general provincial election. Numbers were adjusted to reflect statistical norms for gender in the region.
This survey was conducted in the lower mainland of the province from Vancouver - Richmond - North Shore to Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley and includes Tri City BC - Maple Ridge and Mission.
This survey was commenced August 27, 2013 and ended September 5, 2013. The Margin of Error for this survey is 3.08% plus or minus 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.
Sponsorship for this survey was provided by Jim Van Rassel, Kevin Berry, Steve London (Together We Can), Intervention Specialist Susie Golemba (former broadcaster).
Non economic sponsorship is from Coquitlam city councilor and long time proponent of Riverview Hospital - Mae Reid.

Question #1
From these three choices provided which BC political party do you most support at this time?
BC Liberals    37 %
BC New Democrats    29 %
BC Greens    20 %
Question #2
ICBC is applying for an increase to basic insurance rates on motor vehicles in an amount averaging $11 per year per vehicle. Under this ROBBINS Sce Research Official Referendum Survey would you support an increase of $1 per month to your average monthly basic automobile premium?
Yes    54.5 %
No    31.5 %
Question #3
Riverview Hospital is a long time mental health facility located in Coquitlam, British Columbia operating under the governance of BC Mental Health and Addiction Services which closed in July 2012. There is an effort by lower mainland mayors and city ouncillors to reopen Riverview Hospital as a combined mental health facility and state of the art addiction centre. Some of the annual labour support costs would be utilized by using local organization like the Westwood Mens' Recovery Group of volunteers operating out of St. Clare's Catholic Church in Coquitlam. Would you support the Government of British Columbia investing $55 million to reopen and reconstitute Riverview Hospital into an operational health facility and state of the art addiction centre?
Yes    63 %
No    19 %
Question #4
Are you FOR or AGAINST the Northern Gateway Project to introduce a new pipeline across northern British Columbia carrying Tar Sands oil from Alberta to BC's coast for shipment abroad?
FOR    23 %
AGAINST    53 %
Question #5
Are you FOR or AGAINST the Government of Canada becoming involved in the conflict in Syria?
FOR    25 %
AGAINST    64 %
Question #6
Entertainment question: The adult child of a BC Liberal MLA with authority within the BC Justice Ministry was recently the object of an alleged home invasion, and appears from submissions of Crown Counsel to have been in possession of a number of firearms, a large amount of cash, and the dangerously addictive prescription drug Oxycontin. Should a person who is aware that his adult child may be involved in illicit drugs and fire arms be given authority within BC's Justice Ministry?
Yes    4 %
No    78 %
British Columbians in the lower mainland of the province continue to support the BC Liberal government over the BC New Democrats by a margin of (8%). The BC New Democrats appear to have traveled from the penthouse - to the outhouse as many more British Columbians are supporting BC Greens.
Post the 2013 general election the BC NDP understood they had issues to deal with including the need to replace their executive and their leader, and to advance party policy that was attractive to British Columbians.
This survey suggests the BC NDP had better get at it or they will be in trouble.
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia's application for an average $11 per year increase in basic automobile insurance premiums is hereby approved by British Columbians through the ROBBINS Sce Research Official Referendum Survey, making any decision by the Utilities Commission a formality only.
The reopening of Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam British Columbia has been given the green light from BC voters by a significant percentile. This survey evidence combined with the political push from local elected officials will make this happen sooner than later.
Respondents are aware that mental health professionals and other expertise is not inexpensive and welcome the fact that there are local volunteers with the appropriate expertise (fellows in recovery from addiction are the only persons who can help another to properly recover from addiction) to assist and ensure that unit labour costs for the new Riverview Hospital project do not spiral out of control.
The Northern Gateway (Enbridge) oil pipeline may not be finished with the proponents or their supporters in the federal Conservative government, but it is a certain non starter with British Columbians. Since the provincial election, the numbers in support for the Northern Gateway pipeline have been cut in half. At ROBBINS we believe this is a combination of ordinary British Columbians realizing there is a low reward for risk, or that Kinder Morgan proposal to double capacity is more reasonable given the existing infrastructure.
An estimated 3 in 10 decided British Columbians supports Canada becoming involved in any conflict in Syria.
There is a distinct correlation between respondents who support the Northern Gateway and who also support Canada participating in Syria.
What pray tell was Christy Clark thinking appointing Darryl Plecas to position of authority within the BC Justice Ministry and Attorney General? Being in possession of very serious weapons, thousand of dollars in cash, and precription Oxycontin inside an apartment safe -- provoking an alleged home invasion may make you a victim temporarily, but Darryl Plecas ought to have known what was happening and realized politics was a bad idea. Now a special prosecutor has to be appointed. Even BC Liberal supporters are mortified (as they should be).
If an ordinary British Columbian' decided to enter politics on similar conditions it would be splattered all over the news by the government's mainstream news cartel, and there is no disputing that.

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