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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics November 25, 2013
  Nov 25, 2013

Question #1
Does Prime Minister Stephen Harper have your "full confidence"?
Yes    21 %
No    61 %
Undecided/Other    18 %
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has lost the full confidence of the people of Canada.
Canada's PM has the "full confidence" of only one in five Canadian voters from the general federal election in 2011.
More than 6 in 10 Canadian voters answer "No" to full confidence in the Prime Minister while a stunning (72%) of decided respondents do not have "full confidence" in Stephen Harper.
The highest "full confidence" in Prime Minister Harper is in Saskatchewan at (38%) and in New Brunswick at (33%). The lowest "full confidence" is in Quebec (5%) followed by Newfoundland and Labrador at (17%).
The highest "No" to "full confidence" in Stephen Harper is in Nova Scotia (71%) followed by Quebec (70%). The lowest "No" to full confidence is in New Brunswick (48%) and Alberta (50%).
The Province of Ontario provided Stephen Harper's Conservative Party of Canada with a majority government which it has squandered badly. "Full confidence" in the Prime Minister in Canada's largest province is at (22%), while respondents in Ontario responded "No" (66%) of the time.
In British Columbia (24%) of 2011 voters have "full confidence" in the PM while (60%) responded "No".
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's 'feet' are not directly inside the proverbial fire - but they are very close to being there. The shoes on his feet are beginning to melt according to this survey.
"Full confidence" may be a high standard to impose on any leader, but any less than that presumes a lack of confidence which in politics will find its way to no confidence more quickly than it will ever return to full confidence.
The whispers and speculation swirling around the Prime Minister's ability to last out the storm are beginning to circulate.
This is an RSR survey of 1275 Canadians November 18-23, 2013, who voted in the 2011 general federal election. Interviews were conducted as follows: Ontario (445 respondents); Quebec (175); British Columbia (365); Alberta (255); Saskatchewan (42); Manitoba (115); and Atlantic Provinces (128). Responses per province do not accurately reflect the actual distribution of population of each province however the outcomes were adjusted to reflect appropriate population distributions across the country. The outcomes were also adjusted for actual (or proximate to actual) gender distribution in each province. Each of these adjustments could feasibly impact on the numbers presented specifically in the area of gender which adjustments were made 'globally' for each province's outcomes and not considered regionally within those province, although responses are gathered regionally. Regionally in terms of this survey is intended to mean respondents from urban, suburban and rural regions of the province. This survey features a statistical Margin of Error of 2.5% (plus or minus). This survey is within the range of 95% confidence. Prior to taking this survey we believed internally that the numbers against "full confidence" might be in the range of 26-27% - a lower expectation than has been historical for this Prime Minister. It is our internal impression that these number are much lower than we had expected. Special thanks to the "New Millionaires".

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